Skip Hire Guide from Herts Mini Skips

Skip Hire Types

Skip Type Examples Suitable for...
General WasteBricks, wood, metal, general household waste, plastic, paper waste.DIY & home refurbishment projects.
Hardcore WasteBricks, concrete, soil and other hardcore waste (E.G roof tiles).Most garden and/or driveway projects
Green Waste OnlyGarden waste only (E.G Shrubs, Bushes, Plants, Tree Cuttings, Grass etc).Garden clearance.

The rubbish you need to dispose of will depend on the type of project you are undertaking. That's why we offer a variety of skip hire and skip bag hire options to cater for different waste types. Choosing the right skip is important to avoid paying more than necessary or incurring additional charges for incorrect materials.

All a bit confusing? Then just choose a general waste skip, these skips accept all of our permitted waste.

Our most popular skip options are general waste and hardcore skips, which are typically suitable for most home and garden projects. However, it's important to note that certain items such as fridges, monitors, tyres, and hazardous materials like paints and batteries are prohibited.

When placing your order, you will be presented with a list of prohibited materials. If you're unsure about any item, please get in touch and we'll be happy to advise you. To learn more about our skip hire options, visit our skip hire and skip bag hire pages today.

What we mean by "light" waste

Our 4 and 5 yard skips are for "light" waste only. This means you can not put hardcore such as soil, bricks, clay and other hardcore waste in this size skips.

The reason for this is that our mini skip vans can only lift skips up to a certain weight. If you fill up our 4 or 5 yard skips with this waste type then our vans may not be able to lift it.

All other waste (apart from our prohibited items) will be accepted in all of our skips.

What waste can I put in a General Waste Skip?

General waste skips accept all of the materials shown below, they all accept standard household waste such as metals, plastic, wood, doors, baths, worktops, as well as many other items.

Remember: Our 4 and 5 yard skips do not accept hardcore waste such as soil, clay and bricks.

Waste Types General

What cannot go in a General Waste Skip?

This list isn't exhaustive, a full list will be displayed upon checkout. If any of the items shown are found in your skip they maybe left at the location of the skip or an additional surcharge may apply.

Waste Type General Prohibited (1500 × 1100px)

What can go in a hardcore skip?

Our hardcore waste skips are used for outdoor materials only such as, bricks, concrete, ceramics, soil, clays or hardcore mix. These types of skips are usually only available up to 3 yards in size due to weight restrictions.

Important: A 3 yard skip is the maximum size for hardcore or soil waste due to weight restrictions. Any skip that is larger than 3 yards cannot be loaded with these materials.